Little Miss America

Little Miss America


When I was a little girl, my Nana always called me Miss America, the first grand-baby to take on the world!

We lost her in 2014, while I was trying to make my way back from San Diego, she went home to be with Jesus before I could make it back.

Thank God for God, because He was the only thing that got me through the loss. Especially, not being able to see her in her last days. I understood his ways are higher than I can even imagine and I made peace with my loss.

After deciding to leave my secure-full-time office job in 2017, I decided I wanted more out of life than being cooped in an office building could offer. I took the leap into the unknown to pursue the world of coffee. Nana would have been so proud of my risk-taking courage!

Delivering the perfect taste in a cup and a beautiful latte art piece is more than just a "trend" to me. "Miss Americano" was born out of my love for Americano style coffee and my Nana's love for me!  <3



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