Age 34, Day 1

Age 34, Day 1

Reflecting on the last ten years like...

✔Completed Military Service

✔Moved from California to New England, twice

✔Completed a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion

✔Took back and left (for good) a toxic relationship

✔For real, for real, submitted my life to Christ

✔Got Baptized in the ocean

✔Lost some loved ones without losing my mind

✔Moved to Charlotte, NC to follow purpose

✔Met and married my "better-than-a-Boaz"

There is not such thing as "arriving". Don't be fooled. This entire life is a process. Once you get to where you are going, there will be somewhere else to go. And thank God for it! How else do we become better? Be graceful with yourself. Fall. Get back up. Soar. Acheive. Cry. Laugh. Then laugh harder. Hug often. Play. Get creative. Try new ideas. Pray, and never stop. Worry, but dont be crippled by it. Fight the good fight EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. The change you want will come, but it usually happens when your not looking.

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