Alanna, like 'Banana'

Most girls struggle with doing what they are passionate about. They are worried what people will think and that they wont be good enough. We share stories that help girls make up their minds to go for it! When they finally make the decision, they feel free from other peoples opinions, become more confident in what they want, and live a bold life!
Just call me Banana, its ok. Really! The catch phrase of my life is "Alanna, like Banana". You would be surprised how many people have taken the liberty to call me "Aladdin, A Llama, Alanis, etc, etc.". Well, like the Ting Ting's said "That's not my name!" 
So Banana it is. Clean cut and straight to the point. Done. But, who is she, though? Well, some days I don't even know! I can tell you what I do know, however. 

I want to be the kind of person that follows through. The girl that is reliable and trustworthy. Who smiles at strangers and welcomes hugs. Who returns favors and is quick to give. The reality is- I have so much work to do!

Although so much of me is exactly that, there is so much more I can do. I strive everyday to be the best person that I can be and try to never get comfortable with complacency. I struggle with life like everyone else, have insecurities about my body and even worry about achieving everything in life that I am meant to.

I worry about time. Time to spend building with my husband, time that we have left in this life, time to spend with loved ones, knowing that life is short. Time with God and time to do all the traveling that my heart wont let go of.

I love bold colors, lilacs, cherry coke, the smell of burning wood and rain, my husbands smile, snuggles with my fur baby, the beach, open air on a long drive blasting Stevie Nicks, first cup of coffee in the morning (well, coffee anytime of day really!), thunderstorms, make-up shopping with my bestie and last but never least, spending time with God-at church, in nature, alone in a soak of bath suds, or in small groups.

I love THIS life, that I do know! <3